More free food and prizes offered at the South Campus Block Party



By: Erin Shea

Want free food and entertainment? Well, look no further than your own neighborhood. The second annual Block Party takes place Friday at 9:00 p.m. on South Campus, and is put on by the Resident Student Association , Black Student Union and UK Dining Services.

“Basically it is a chance for students to come outside of their own dorms and get free food, t-shirts and other things, along with getting to know the people that are living around you,” K-Crew Coordinator and pre-law junior, Lauren Perkins said.

The Block Party will be held outside the south campus dorms, but it is open to all UK students as a part of K-Week Perkins said.

“[This year] we’re wiser and know more about what’s going on,” said Krissalyn Booth, President of the BSU and english senior.  “It’s going to run smoother and have a better turnout than last year.”

RSA president Abbey Elkus, said she expects there to be around 1,000 students or more stopping by at some point during the event.

“A lot more students are attending [K Week] events this year, Perkins said. Even the smaller events have a few hundred students coming out and since this is one of the last events, people are still on a high from meeting new people and getting free food.”

“It’s a good event for students who are looking to do things after classes instead of right before classes start,” Elkus said.

The RSA and BSU decided to move the Block Party so that it will take place the Friday after the first week of school, instead of the Friday before classes start like last year.

Everything is free. Students are able to meet other students and be introduced to campus organizations while enjoying free music and promotional items and tons of free food. This year will also host more organizations, a new DJ, more security and the staff of ResLife will be in attendance Elkus said.

“I would attend because of the free food, give aways, to meet new people and to relax after the first week of school,” Perkins said.

This year is the second year the Block Party is taking place. It was started by the RSA for students living in the dorms to get to know their new neighbors and to encourage getting involved with organizations on campus. It takes place Friday from 9:00 to 11:45 p.m. near the South Campus dorm complex.