Obama speech shows lackluster effort



Column by Cassidy Herrington. E-mail at [email protected]

Good morning. Today I would like to express my discontent for Obama’s address to the nation on the end of Combat Operations in Iraq.

Simply put, Obama’s address on Tuesday evening was a snooze.

The war in Iraq was a disappointment for most, and his speech was completely redundant. The war is over (finally), and we are all thankful.

In addition to this announcement, this speech was a lackluster attempt to unify a nation of polarized perspectives and declining approval rates made the “Hope and Change” Obama seem like an unrealized dream.

Yes, Obama fulfilled his promise: he ended combat mission in Iraq, and complete withdrawal of troops is scheduled for next year.

Embedded within his eloquent speech, I could hear the exhaustion and desperation to lift his declining approval rates.

Fraught with discontent from both sides, Obama cowered behind his words. The fallen troops repeatedly served to distract Americans from their political perspectives.

“As I’ve said, there were patriots who supported this war, and patriots who opposed it,” Obama said. “All of us are united in appreciation for our servicemen and women.”

The point is, our country is disjointed, and the soldiers probably don’t appreciate the influx of mushy sympathy.

There are Republicans and Democrats alike who disapproved of the Iraq war, and focusing on the sensationalism will not change perspectives.

Obama, we are glad you “made good” on your promise, but what happened to the fearless, enthusiastic president we elected two years ago?