Discussion series lets students talk about sex

By Ke’Undra Bishop

The University Health Center and the Counseling Center teamed up to hold an on-campus discussion called “Let’s Talk About Sex” at the Student Center Tuesday.

The discussion is a part of a series held every Tuesday.

Discussions will deal with different topics every week, including men and women’s health, sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent them, talking about sex with your partner, decision making and birth control.

Counseling staff member Robin Peterson, UK’s Health Education Coordinator Brandy Reeves and UK’s Dr. Thom Dale presented “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

The panel came up with the idea to talk about sex by focusing on a major topic that students should discuss.

“Knowledge is power, and students should know the importance of their bodies,” Peterson said.

The idea of the discussions is for students to learn more about sex and how it can affect their lives and futures.

This was the third week of the series.

Tuesday’s turnout was small but presented much information. The turnout in the previous weeks has been fewer than 10 people.

The panel said it wants more students to come out and learn something new about sex.

“Bring your lunch, and let’s talk about sex,” Reeves said.

The series is every Tuesday in room 357 of the Student Center at 12:30 p.m., and each one lasts about one hour.