Students partake in pumpkin carving contest at Commons


UK students participate in the third annual pumpkin carving contest at Commons Market Wednesday evening. Photo by Scott Hannigan

By Brian Hancock

While some students at Commons Market used their hands to pick up fried chicken yesterday evening, others used them to claw out pumpkins.

Tuesday evening marked the third annual Commons pumpkin carving contest, as 12 pumpkins were hollowed out and carved to celebrate Halloween.

Students were given the opportunity to carve whatever design they liked into the pumpkins.  The “best overall’ and “most creative” pumpkin creators received iTunes gift card.

“We were here to eat and it looked like fun,” biology and psychology freshman Hannah White said, as she outlined her design of an ‘R.I.P U of L’ tombstone.

For some, pumpkin carving was a nostalgic experience.

“I simply missed being home carving pumpkins,” biology and Spanish freshman Laura Throckmorton said.

Students have created many unique pumpkin designs over the years, Commons Assistant Manager and Event Coordinator Elizabeth Petty said.

“Last year someone carved Kanye West into a pumpkin,” she said.

Petty said Commons holds the event in order to give students a change in routine.

“We try to offer something different, so students can be active in what we do here,” she said.

The event is usually a popular one, she added.

“As more students come to carve, the crowd around them usually grows.”

Commons will continue in its Halloween-themed events with a costume contest Thursday.  Students are invited to wear their costumes to Commons and get their picture taken.  A prize will be given to the person donning the best costume.

Although participating students said there’s no real secret to carving the ultimate pumpkin, all involved said the activity was quite enjoyable.