Freedom for Enes, freedom from NCAA

Editorial by Kernel staff. E-mail [email protected]

The NCAA clearinghouse has yet to proclaim Enes Kanter eligible to play for UK. The wait has extended more than one month after the date Calipari anticipated, according to a Sep. 8 Kernel article.

This is an extraordinary disservice to the university, the fans and the team, given the small roster this year. However, this comes as no surprise given the NCAA’s lack of urgency when declaring lack of eligibility.

Look no further than Renardo Sidney from Mississippi State, who still has to miss eight games this season (and the entire season last year) for a an excellent case in point.

Putting a freeze on the Kanter decision concerns more than UK, however. When athletes have been deemed qualified, the clearinghouse can change their status at any given moment.

USC Reggie Bush won the Rose Bowl, and just this year, they found he took money from an agent. Consequentially, the NCAA clearinghouse took away his wins and his trophy.

Essentially, the NCAA clearinghouse is irrelevant. Even if Kanter is declared eligible, the NCAA could change its mind again before, during or after the season.

There should be a time limit on these decisions, like any legal system. And the verdict should be indisputable.

This decision is a precedent for every school in the future, so the decision should be quick and painless because the rest of the country is watching.