Clinton’s visit incites political awareness

Editorial by Kernel Staff. E-mail

Having former president Bill Clinton on campus last week was one of the greatest honors this campus has enjoyed. Let’s not get this confused, though. Bringing Clinton to campus was purely a political move, to bring in support for Jack Conway, a candidate in the midst of a heated senatorial campaign.

Sure “Cats for Conway” played an important role in getting the former president in front of the Main Building, but if there were not an important election coming up, Clinton is spending last Monday afternoon elsewhere.

Which begs the question: Was the university wrong for hosting such an event?

Looking at the situation from a purely political perspective, detractors have a somewhat valid argument. UK did not endorse any candidate, but bringing a person of such stature for one man’s cause definitely shows some level of bias.

However, if a student group supporting Rand Paul was to attempt to bring in former President George W. Bush, it seems unlikely that the university would nix such a proposal. No university with any common sense is going to turn down brining in a former American president, politics or not.

Anyone with any level of intelligence knew Clinton came for Conway and to help close the margin in the polls between he and Paul. Still, having Clinton, Bush or any other political luminary stumping for a candidate is a lot better than not having said individuals coming to campus at all. And at the end of the day, if you don’t want to see it, you don’t have to go.