Hockey coach sends final regards

People say youth is fleeting. They talk about how time passes so quickly. As true as these words may be, you never want to think of them in terms of losing a young person full of life and promise.

On Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010, our lives changed forever.

We got to experience those words first hand. To feel the sting, the shock and the horror of seeing a friend, a loved one struggle to hold on to life. To anxiously wait for any word of hope, to hold onto threads, and to be hit in the gut with the harsh reality that this friend, this loved one, will not come back, will never look into our eyes and will never utter another word. Only silence and pain prevail.

We go on — because life demands it.

Thank you to all the friends and fans who sent their condolences and prayers to Taylor, his family and the team. It will be a rough road for all concerned.

As a coach, it is my job to pull the team back together, but after witnessing my young men this weekend, the way they displayed such brotherhood, such love and concern for their fellow teammate and friend, I truly believe we can get through this. This weekend, they portrayed all the elements that make a team a success: respect, dignity, strength and loyalty. I have never been more proud of them. If we never win another game, we are winners. We have united not only as a team, but as a family. In Taylor’s memory, we become stronger.

I have had the honor of coaching Taylor Vit for three years. The talent that he brought to our team and the leadership that he displayed were exquisite. I couldn’t ask for anything more. But to me, the emphasis today should be on the fact that we all lost a great friend. Nothing supersedes that. We will play more games, some we will win, some we will lose, but nothing replaces Taylor — nothing.

He will never be forgotten. Believe that every time we take the ice he, will be in the back of our minds and always in our hearts. Each victory will end in his name. All I can say is everyone that knew this young man is heartbroken over this tragic event. Our hearts go out to his family and every life he touched on his journey.

Today is a sad day.The clock has stopped.

If we take anything with us from this tragic event, it is life is precious and nothing is promised. We should never take it for granted that we have another day. Live life to fullest, breathe it in, embrace it and always take time out of your day to tell those you care about those very small but big words — I LOVE YOU.

Taylor, we love you. We will miss you and you will never be forgotten. May you be at peace my friend. Godspeed.

Robert “Doc” Docherty

UK Men’s Hockey Coach