11-month construction headache worth the pain, inconveniences

Editorial by Kernel staff. E-mail

Much to Lexingtonians’ relief, South Limestone construction was finally completed in June.

The Limestone reopening marked the end of an 11-month period when drivers and pedestrians had to contend with detours and roadblocks along the familiar stretch.

The reopening also designated the end to many affected commuters’ and area businesses’ complaints and struggles: They just needed it to be done already.

In a Sept. 20 Kernel article, owners of local favorites CD Central and Hanna’s on Lime explained the negative impact Limestone’s closure had on business.

Beth Hanna, Hanna’s owner, said in the Kernel article, “Things are definitely getting back to normal. Foot traffic has increased, and that’s great. It lets people see what’s there.”

The June 20 block party encouraged several new customers to try out area establishments and reminded former “regulars” to return. As a result of South Limestone’s reopening, CD Central and Hanna’s’ business has been on the upswing.

Lexington commuters can appreciate the newly-paved roads with added bike lanes and widened sidewalks, as well.

The timing of the completion was key.

Thank goodness everything wrapped up in time for the FEI Alltech World Equestrian Games. Who knows what kind of traffic disasters might have ensued had the recent surge of people to the city not been able to navigate one of the main downtown roads.

During construction, the area was nothing but headaches for all parties involved, but now that the South Limestone project is complete, residents and businesses alike have profited from easier access and improved road conditions.

It was a tough 11 months, but everyone can now reap the benefits.