Fall break, split finals week to aid students, faculty

Editorial by Kernel Staff. E-mail [email protected]

Though college students typically believe they deserve greater breaks from school throughout the year, they may have a valid point this time.

An Oct. 26 Kernel article reported UK Student Government has proposed incorporating a fall break into the fall semester schedule. The proposed schedule would also include the spreading out of final exams over a two-week period instead the current one-week layout.

If only a one- or two-day extended weekend were incorporated into the fall semester, benefits would be evident.

Most other institutions have already integrated such a break into their fall schedules, so UK wouldn’t be exploring new ground by doing so.

For instance, southeastern conference school Louisiana State University enjoyed a full week away from classes, Oct. 21-25.

In 2008, SG passed a bill that integrated a Dead Week into the final exam schedule, which provides for the week prior to final exams to be a lighter load for UK students and faculty alike. It seems SG holds the power to pass a bill of this caliber, but it is yet to be seen if anything will come of it.

SG hopes to vote on the new fall break and split finals week measure by January or February.

Will the anticipated change really happen? Will it help students’ productivity, as SG claims? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, students should enjoy their three-day Thanksgiving break (the result of a previous SG fall break measure). Who knows what next year’s academic calendar will look like.