How to avoid relationship problems

By: Alison Carson

Everyone in a relationship encounters a problem at some point. No matter how perfect things are going, it’s only natural that eventually you encounter a hurdle.

The most common relationship problems can always be traced back to four main issues, but luckily they are solvable. As long as addressed, these problems will just seem like hiccups.

Lack of communication. In every relationship, communicating properly is essential to a successful and happy relationship. Usually couples either have shouting matches to convey their points or hold everything. Both lead to explosive fights and built up resentment.

If you’re feeling angry, it’s textbook, say how you feel — calmly. And don’t hold it in. If you are annoyed every time she texts her guy friend, make it clear right away. Otherwise, one day it will all come out as anger and probably leave the other person shocked.

Improper prioritizing. Sure there are more important things in life that need to be addressed, but often times couples forget relationships are work. If your relationship is fourth or fifth on your list of priorities, it’s a big problem.

If one other person is constantly left checking their phone or watching the clock, the relationship deteriorates. If one or both are extremely busy, time management is your best solution. Even if it means squeezing in a lunch together, or even studying together, it’s better than being apart 24/7.

Not enough affection. Showing how you feel about another person isn’t always an easy thing. You may have become too comfortable in a relationship to keep reminding the person how you feel about them.

Your actions play a huge role in letting the other person know how important they are. A simple solution is simply making a more conscience effort to let the other person know what they mean to you.

Lack of trust. Like lack of communication, trust is the basis of almost every relationship. It is an element that takes time and effort to build, so when it’s broken a relationship suffers. The best way to avoid a lack of trust in a relationship is to be 100% forward and truthful. Even what you think may be a minor lie could come back to blow up in your face.

If you’re in a committed relationship, you have to be sure to let the other person know what is going on. If you are talking to other people when they aren’t looking, even if harmless, it will appear sneaky.

So letting the other person know you’re just writing on another girl’s Facebook wall because she’s your class partner, you avoid the suspicion. Honesty is always the best policy.

With a little work and effort any relationship problem can be something to grow from — in every relationship there’s always room for improvement.