Campus provides shuttle to Rupp

By Shannon Frazer

UK Athletics and UK Parking & Transportation will provide a shuttle service to and from campus for the men’s basketball game against East Tennessee State University, Friday at 7 p.m. at Rupp Arena.

UK PTS spokeswoman Chrissie Balding Tune said the shut How To Get Ex Back tles will stop on the Euclid Avenue side of the Student Center, in front of the Greg Page laundry building and at “the 90,” the sidewalk beside the Kirwin-Blanding Complex, at the intersection of University Drive and Huguelet Drive.

A UK news release said the shuttles will start one hour and 10 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin. The shuttles will leave for Rupp Arena when they reach capacity or no later than 45 minutes before the game.

The shuttles will run after the game ends.

“Shuttles will depart 30 minutes after the game. The exact time will depend on when the game ends, if the game goes into overtime,” Tune said.

Tune said patrons can board return shuttles at the Vine Street exit after the game. The shuttles will cost patrons $3 roundtrip, the news release said.

“(Patrons) will get a voucher for the return trip,” Tune said. “If they lose it, it will cost $2 (to get) back.”

According to the news release, the shuttle service will also be provided for the following home games: Boston University (Nov. 30), Indiana (Dec. 11), Auburn (Jan. 11), Louisiana StateUniversity (Jan. 15), Georgia (Jan. 29), Tennessee (Feb. 8), Mississippi State (Feb. 15), South Carolina (Feb. 19), Florida (Feb. 26) and Vanderbilt (March 1).

Shuttles will not be provided when students are not in school.

“Since students will be using this service, we chose games for when classes are in session,” Tune said.

Tune said that the C.A.T.S. buses will serve as shuttles, but that game day shuttling “won’t detract from regular (transportation) services.”

“We encourage students to take advantage of the service,” Tune said. “If they pay to park downtown, $10 is about the cheapest downtown parking. This is a great alternative.”

The news release said UK employees and students can park at Greg Page Apartments Monday through Friday after 3:30 p.m. and anytime Saturday and Sunday.

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