COLUMN: Isaak performs at Singletary Center

By Alex Simon

Amongst the many Christmas season concerts, one in particular will rock the house with Chris Isaak coming into Lexington this Saturday at the Singletary Center.

“You don’t really get to see people of his caliber,” Singletary Center marketing and ticketing director Summer Gossett said, “We were lucky to get him during his tour.”

From the beginning, Isaak has earned his good luck the hard way — by consistently delivering excellent work, both onstage and in the studio on a series of accomplished albums.

Throughout his impressive recording career — right from his stunning 1985 debut to his last stellar effort, Mr. Lucky — Isaak has tunefully and artfully explored the good, the bad and the ugly of love, as well as other matters of profound human interest.

Isaak has also used his infamous sly, self-deprecating wit and matinee idol looks to enjoy a whole second life onscreen.

He has appeared in numerous films including “Married to the Mob” (1988), “Silence of the Lambs, and That Thing You Do!,”

Though Isaak confesses that he can be very happy just surfing or drawing during his down time (he did all the artwork for his new album), at heart, he is still that same kid from Stockton, California who grew up decidedly working class and to this day he has the outstanding work ethic to show for it.

“It ranks pretty high, his celebrity status is pretty far up there. We’re happy he came here,” Gossett said of Isaak’s first concert in Singletary.

Ticket prices range from $40 to $60 depending on the seat location and are on sale now.Tickets can be purchased through calling the Singletary Center ticket office at (859) 257-4929, visiting online at or in person at the venue.

Isaak will be strutting into the Singletary Center on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.