Vacationing the right way, Student Wellness Ambassadors help students prepare for spring break

By Drew Teague

One student group is trying to make midterm week feel like spreak break while preparing students for their actual spring break.

The Student Wellness Ambassadors have planned Spring Break Relax and Refresh in conjunction with University Health Services to promote safe practices for students who may be going across the country for spring break.

Nicole Hayes, a broadcast journalism senior and president of the Student Wellness Ambassadors, said the three- day event is put on to help students be aware of health dangers during their spring break trips.

“The Spring Break Relax and Refresh is three days, three events,” Hayes said. “On Tuesday (the event is) Fuel Your Bod; it’s at the Johnson Center. On Wednesday its Grab Bag Station, which is located by Whitehall Classroom Building.”

Hayes also said the events will have great prizes for those who can attend, from things you can use around campus for school or bring with you to the beach on spring break.

“We’re giving out all kinds of cool prizes,” Hayes said.

Hayes said some of the prizes include gift certificates to Malone’s, Sun Tan City and UK Bookstore.

Derrick Lewis, a chemistry freshman, who is a Student Wellness Ambassador, said the goal of the organization is improved student health. Throughout the events students will get information about how to keep healthy during all the various types of harm they could encounter during spring break.

“Student Wellness Ambassadors focus on alcohol awareness, drug awareness and health,” Lewis said. “We are trying to promote safer activities during spring break. Right now we are trying to attract people with the free drinks, but in doing so they will be getting information on how to better prepare and while on spring break protect their bodies.”

Hayes reiterated the goal of having students be healthy during spring break so they return ready for classes to begin again.

“We feel like this is a good program because first off, we are paired with University Health Services,” Hayes said. “Our mission fits exactly with their mission, which is to educate students, and for this event we want students to be healthy and come back from spring break, especially since so many things happen.”

Fuel Your Bod will be at the Johnson Center from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday.