Embracing more beauty types



by Shelisa Melendez

No matter what age or ethnicity you are, you have most likely used some form of beauty or cosmetic products. Whether it is makeup, a facial cleanser or a hydrating mask, we’ve all run into it somehow.

What I don’t understand is if almost every ethnicity consumes beauty and cosmetic products on some level, why aren’t more “ethnic faces” represented in campaigns?

Why aren’t we as minorities properly represented?

Yes, there are campaigns with both men and women representing various ethnicities, but these few campaigns are far from enough.

Thankfully, beauty powerhouse Estee Lauder is stepping up to the plate.

Last week, the company held an event to introduce its new campaign: “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful.”

At the event, Aerin Lauder, senior vice president and creative director for the company, presented attendees with statistics on the demographics of skincare consumers.

According to fashionista.com, she presented increased diversity, a huge Hispanic population and the fact that the 40 percent of women buying skincare in the 18-44 age bracket who are women of color seem to finally be making an impact on cosmetics and skincare companies.

“Estee Lauder has always searched for global beauties that define a generation,” Lauder said.

The new faces of the campaign are Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls, who has appeared in Gucci, Prada, Valentino and Givenchy fashion shows and on the pages of Cosmopolitan and Vogue, notable French model Constance Jablonski and Estee Lauder’s first Chinese beauty, Liu Wen, who is also the first-ever Asian Victoria’s Secret runway model.

In June, Estee Lauder will launch its new skincare line, Idealist Even Skin tone Illuminator. The new line will feature two products, “Even Skintone Illuminator” and “Cooling Eye Illuminator.”

According to fashionista.com, the Even Skintone Illuminator addresses skin tone issues that are present in all ethnicities, like redness, blotchiness, discoloration and acne scars and will available in stores this June.