MathGames plays a new type of jazz

MathGames, a modern jazz electronica group, will be perform Friday at Cosmic Charlie’s at 11:30 p.m.

By Mary Duffy

MathGames features Fareed Haque, one of the world’s premier all-around guitarists. Haque was named Best World Guitarist by Guitar Player Magazine in 2009 and was recently No. 1 on Jazz Week World Charts.

MathGames is Haques’ chance to showcase his work on the Moog guitar.

The Moog guitar has a powerful blend of melody, free jazz, electronica, trance and groove.

“The Moog Guitar provides an intimate playing experience that connects musicians directly to the source of the sound — the strings of the guitar,” Mike Adams, president of Moog Music Inc., said on the company’s web site.

“The potential of this instrument is vast, and as I began to dig into it, I began to hear new music that simply would not be possible on a standard guitar,” Haque said in a news release.

“This show would likely appeal to jazz students as well as those interested in the techno/electronica scene,” Dave Mansfield of Simon Says Publicity said.

“Moog guitar enthusiasts will not want to miss this show either, as the new and innovative instrument will be Fareed’s ax of choice for the show,” Mansfield said.

“This show will be a multi-sensory performance as the band incorporates screen and light effects to give the listener more in depth experience of this exploratory music,” Mansfield said.

MathGames will be performing as a trio, as Flat Earth Ensemble members Alex Austin and Greg Fundis bring their talent to the mix.

According to the band’s website, Combining the phenomenal skills of guitar master Fareed Haque with the wildly entertaining drumming of Greg Fundis, and the solid and sweet foundation supplied by Alex Austin, you get a MathGames equation that will perplex but eventually satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

The band’s name comes from Haque’s idea to use mathematics when writing compositions: particular pitch intervals and melodic motifs that evoke geometric patterns. It made its debut at Chicago’s Mayne Stage theater in Nov. 2010.

The performance is $8 and for audiences 21 and over.