Worship event unites Christians

By: Rachel Sarnovsky

Worshippers have the opportunity to unite Monday evening, as UK students and faculty are invited to come together and fellowship at University United Worship.

Jessica Carter, president of Calvary Campus Ministries, planned the event with members of Baptist Campus Ministries, Calvary Baptist Church and Katryn Eske, creator of United Worship.

“This year we decided to have a United Worship Service,” Carter said.  “The service will consist of several different on-campus Christian organizations leading a few songs, prayers and a very short drama.”

The idea was to create an event that incorporated various Christian organizations working together.

“We all wanted to have the ministries become united as worshipers, instead of (being) separate,” Travis Ammon, a member of Calvary Baptist Church, said.

The event mainly consists of worship music, but will allow time for an open mic session.

“Katryn will open and close the service and briefly explain why she wanted to have this event, and what she wants people to take away from it,” Carter said.

This is an outreach event open for anyone who is interested.

“We are very excited to see our planning finally come to fruition, and we’d love to see a packed house,” Ammon said.