More (of the same) draft talk

The Draft is Thursday. It’s almost here, thankfully, because I don’t know how much more chatter I can handle. The main points have remained constant: Kyrie Irving is a near-lock for the top pick, Brandon Knight will be the next point guard off the board, Enes Kanter is the “mystery man” whose game (or destination) nobody seems to really know, and DeAndre Liggins will extend his streak of tweets with 5 or more exclamation marks to 153.

Anyway, in the name of the Off-Season and the lack of stories that accompanies it, here’s some recent material from ESPN on the draft.

—- ESPN had another round-table on questions from the draft, including whether Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker should go first. All five picked Knight, for a variety of reasons, including his shooting ability, his better physical measurements, and his better long-term prospects.

—– The five also selected the “most intriguing player” in the draft, and two answered Kanter, also for all the normal reasons. Bismack Biyombo garnered two votes and Josh Selby got one.

—- Rick Bucher wrote a story earlier in the day that sources told him the Cavs were locked into picking Kyrie Irving at No. 1, eliminating the pipe dream of seeing Kanter and Knight jerseys replace the recently burned LeBron ones. Later that day, however, sources told him (and Andy Katz) that the Cavs were still mulling their options. On a related note, there were reports earlier in the week that the Cavs were simply playing coy with their intentions to hinder the Timberwolves’ efforts at trading the second pick (and subsequently helping Cleveland’s own chances of moving up to pick second as well). If I were to analyze, I wouldn’t guess anything happens other than Irving at No. 1. But I suppose that’s not a certainty. Knight and Kanter both work out for the Cavaliers Monday.