News roundup: Coal Lodge virtual tour, football contracts, Kaboom!



It’s not only the middle of summer, but it’s also the dead period for basketball recruiting, which means there’s not a whole lot going on. But there’s enough to pass out a couple links.

  • If you want to see a very SIMS-like version of what the new Wildcat Coal Lodge will look like, go here. If gives a virtual tour of the building that houses the basketball players.
  • Brett Dawson of Cats Illustrated looked at the contracts for football non-conference games, which includes how much those cupcakes are paid to roll into Commonwealth and (presumably) take a loss.
  • A New York business website reported via sources that UK and Maryland will play the first basketball game in Barclays Center, the new Brooklyn arena that will house the New Jersey Nets.
  • John Calipari apparently decided to be cryptic on his Twitter today. Early in the day, he tweeted “Kaboom!” Later, he tweeted “Today’s life lesson: When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one it hits starts yelping.” Fair enough.