National Donor Day: Colorado Mother Hopes Her Story Will Inspire Families to Talk About Organ Donation


National Donor Day: Colorado Mother Hopes Her Story Will Inspire Families to Talk About Organ Donation

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(BPT) – February 14 might be known best as Valentine’s Day, but it is also fittingly National Donor Day. On a day dedicated to showing friends, family and neighbors how much they mean to us, there isn’t a better way to spread the love than having a heartfelt conversation with loved ones about organ, eye and tissue donation.

Kelly Lang of Golden, Colo. is grateful every day that she discussed and knew her daughter Perri’s decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor.

Perri tragically passed away in a car accident when she was just 20 years old. The day she died was also the day she became a hero. Perri was able to give the gift of life to three people, donating her liver and both kidneys. She was able to change the lives of many more people through cornea and tissue donation.

“At the time that Perri and I discussed organ, eye and tissue donation I assumed we were talking about my wishes to be a donor,” said Lang. “Naturally, it seemed that Perri would be part of facilitating those wishes on my behalf. Not the other way around. But things don’t always go according to plan, and that is the primary reason for starting the conversation about donation. It’s never too soon.”

It takes heart to choose organ donation, but it also takes heart to tell your loved ones about your decision. There are many opportunities to second-guess the decisions made at the end of a loved one’s life. Lang said that knowing Perri’s decision and having had that heartfelt conversation removed any doubt about what Perri wanted.

“It just might be at the top of the list of the most loving things she ever did for me,” said Lang.

How you can help on National Donor Day

Right now, more than 1,500 people across Colorado and Wyoming are waiting on a lifesaving transplant. Anyone can sign up to become an organ, eye and tissue donor by saying Yes when they get or renew a driver license or state ID, or anytime at or

Just one donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and save and heal more than 75 lives through eye and tissue donation. By signing up to become a donor and talking to your friends and family about donation, you can help save more lives. Starting the conversation can be hard, but your decision to become a donor cannot be changed by your family so it’s important for your loved ones to know about your decision to help others. Visit this guide for tips on how to start the conversation.