2 campuses join in support of Georgia man



Two campus chapters of a national association hoped to draw attention to the approaching execution of a man they think was wrongly convicted.

Members of UK’s and Kentucky State University’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People gathered in the free speech area to rally for Troy Davis’ life.

“What we’re promoting is that there is too much doubt to execute him,” said Angel Jackson, UK’s NAACP president.

Davis’ execution is scheduled for Wednesday at 7 p.m. by injection for killing off-duty Savannah, Ga., officer Mark MacPhail. He was shot dead in 1989 while rushing to help a homeless man being attacked.

Georgia’s board of pardons and paroles rejected a clemency bid from Davis on Tuesday.

“We’re just bringing awareness to our campus body,” Jackson said.

She said there is a discrepency in the justice system and “our belief is this man is innocent.”

Ayanna Thompson, the Kentucky State NAACP president, contacted Jackson wanting to go to the rally at the Georgia Capitol Tuesday evening. But for various reasons, they couldn’t go, so they decided to have a joint demonstration.

“It’s one of our standing principles to stand up against injustice,” Thompson said. “We’re living in a modern day but we’re living with old-age laws.”

She wants to make students aware of what is going on and has been tweeting about the issue all week.

“Our social justice system is flawed,” Jackson said. “Any one of us can be Troy Davis. Any one of us could be at the wrong place at the wrong time.”