Friends don’t let friends text and walk



Many parents warn their teenagers about the dangers of texting and driving. The warning may be annoying, but the dangers are obvious with many fatal accidents in the past few years. Not so obvious, though, are the dangers of texting and walking.

If you walk by the White Hall Classroom Building at noon on any given weekday, you can see hundreds of students looking down at their cell phones as they walk.

“When I walk to class and I am looking at my phone, I run into people constantly. I also walk off the pathways into the grass without knowing it, a lot,” said Devinne Kelly, a marketing and ISC senior.

Some students even sustain injuries while strolling to class with their phones.

“I was walking to class and ran into a lamp post once. Luckily, no one saw me, so I guess its ok,” said Kaycee Hill, senior English student. “I did have a really big goose egg on my forehead that formed after my accident, though,”

Some cities are even putting a stop to texting and walking completely. According to, the city of Philadelphia is giving $120 citations to people who walk and use their cellular devices.

Paige Johnson, a marketing and management senior, agrees that people need to focus when they walk.

“I trip when I text all the time. You tend not to see things when you are not paying attention,” said Johnson.

“Texters” themselves are not the only ones feeling the pain of embarrassment and injury while using their phones.

“I bike everywhere I go and get close to hitting people when they text.” said Ross Kinney, telecommunications junior.

“My sophomore year, I almost hit John Wall with my bike while he was walking with a group of other basketball players outside the Classroom Building,” said Kellie Oates, a senior journalism major. “It was the only time I ever saw him on campus and I was scared I was going to hit him. He was texting and did not even notice.”