UK president addresses faculty senate

President Eli Capilouto spoke to the University Senate about his desire to improve relationships, increase communication and facilitate postitive changes for students, faculty and staff.

“It is the foundation of trust I hope to establish with the faculty senate,” Capilouto said.

He has met with many groups of leaders from UK’s colleges, “to get some ideas and insights” into what people think.

Capilouto wants to work on talking with each other rather than talking to one another, he said.

“I’ve decided to embark upon something to develop what I hope is our vision,” he said, stressing “our.”

The floor was then open for senate members to ask Capilouto questions. Funding for campus facilities was discussed, and Capilouto said by next year he hopes to make progress on this issue.

Though he doesn’t think cranes will be on campus by that time, he hopes progress will be made.

Gail Brion, an engineering representative, asked what Capilouto hopes to see 10 years from now for the university.

Capilouto said he hopes to see students living rich and meaningful lives, and he hopes that everyone shares great pride in graduates and students.