KEG: What to wear while tailgating

By: Kate Carpenter

OHH, Fall. This season brings many changes, including the cooler weather, classes beginning and, of course, UK football.

The UK football season is a time of intense school spirit and you should not count yourself out. You should only be intensely preparing yourself. Don’t be that student who shows up to a game wearing the wrong color. And you don’t want to be that student that only has so-so school spirit. You also don’t want to be that student that only owns one UK T-shirt. You don’t want to look like a newbie in the arena of school spirit.

When you put down this article, get up and get prepared. First stop, a university book store. Kennedy’s Book Store, located conveniently at 405 S. Limestone, or Wildcat Bookstore, at 563 S. Limestone, can help. With their mass quantities of UK apparel, it is only right that this is your first stop. Pick out a T-shirt. Not only is this a comfortable choice, it will help you fit right in with the other fans. Pick a T-shirt that is blue, not turquoise and not teal. UK blue. Don’t mess this up and show up wearing some off-brand blue to the game.

If T-shirts aren’t really your style, you always have the choice of going to the game in a dressier manner. Wear a dress, romper or a nice shirt. Bluetique Cheap Chic, located at 235 Woodland Ave., is a good place to go for a dressier item. Employee Natalie Redish said that the store just recieved many items geared toward UK students, especially for the beginning of the semester.

“One-shouldered dresses, maxi dresses and UK blue rompers have been especially popular,” Redish said. Bluetique also offers Funday Fridays, which boasts a different special every Friday. This past Friday offered 20 percent off any Kentucky Blue item. This way you can still look good while wearing UK blue.

With football games, lasting three hours and more, it’s important to remember to be comfortable. Wear tennis shoes if you can (unless you are wearing a dress). Once you are in the student section, you’ll be stnading up the entire game. Standing in uncomfortable shoes is exactly that …uncomfortable.

Okay, so you are ready for this game. You have your UK gear and are looking good. Go tailgate and have a merry time.