Gubernatorial debate on UK’s campus

By Chase Sanders

Republican nominee David Williams and independent candidate Gatewood Galbraith will discuss their views about education Sunday, Oct. 23 at Worsham Theater in the Student Center.

UK Student Government’s Wildcat Interest Group is hosting the gubernatorial debate.

“The Wildcat Interest Group is a student lobbying program created to bring students interests to life in Frankfort and Washinton, D.C.,” Kyle Snapp, Student Government Deputy of Communications, said.

Students and other members of the UK community are welcome to come to the event. Admission is free to the public, and the first 100 students to arrive will receive Big Blue Madness t-shirts from UK Student Government.

The student body will also play an active role in the debate. It will be a unique opportunity for students to have the issues they feel are important discussed by the candidates.

Student Government requests that students email any questions for the candidates to [email protected], and some students might get to pose their question at the debate.

Members of Student Government want UK’s student body to understand the importance of Kentuckians’ civic duties.

“By engaging in the political process and helping select the best candidate, you are helping your state and nation pick leaders that will ethically and successfully help the people,” Student Government President Micah Fielden said.

Even though it may be a unique opportunity for students, this debate will follow the same fashion as the majority of the other gubernatorial debates in the sense that only two of the three candidates will participate. Incumbent Gov. Steve Beshear will not be in attendance.

Even though all three of the candidates will not be present at the debate, they did attend the last debate at Eastern Kentucky University’s Center for the Arts in October. They discussed jobs, the state of the economy and the expansion of gambling in Kentucky.

SG’s Wildcat Interest Group held a phone drive last week in an effort to persuade Beshear to commit to the debate, but a scheduling conflict is keeping him from doing so.

“Governor Beshear’s campaign said he has an engagement he made a prior commitment to in Paducah on Sunday,” said Clay Lampl, SG deputy chief of staff for student issues.