Women’s golfer battling through chronic foot pain

By Paul Martin

­­Many people take walking for granted. For UK golfer Megan Moir, every step of every day is a reminder of the medical condition she has.

“Basically I have non-stop chronic pain in both of my feet,” Moir said.

Moir was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis two years ago. It is the inflammation and tearing of certain ligaments in the foot. Most cases are not severe and can be treated with ease. In Moir’s case, however, both her feet deteriorated over time and it became a serious issue.

“The doctors had tried everything they could think of. Physical therapy and cortisone shots didn’t help. I tried 15 different shoe inserts, and nothing worked,” Moir said. “I finally went to a specialist in Cincinnati that works with the Bengals.  He told me surgery on both feet was the only option.”

This type of analysis from a specialist would likely end the career of someone who plays tennis or basketball. Post-surgery requires one year of recovery time, during which you can’t run or jump.

Moir was told she needed surgery on both feet.  This April, she started with the left foot.  Six weeks later the cast was removed, and golf was the priority.  She won a tournament the following July, but the recovery would not be as quick as originally planned.

“The operation made my left foot better, but I still have pain,” Moir said. “Golf rounds are six hours of walking, which is difficult. But, I am very fortunate I can still play the game I love.”

Moir is using a pull cart for her golf back, which is acceptable under NCAA rules. She will delay the second surgery until next summer.

“I can’t leave my team with just five players,” Moir added. “I will put off fixing my foot until we make it through the spring.  There is a lot we would like to accomplish this year, so it can wait.”

Head coach Golda Borst has seen first-hand what Moir is going through.

“Her heart and dedication is amazing,” Borst said. “She has never complained once about having this condition. It’s amazing how she can perform after going through this process.”

This type of attitude from Moir was evident during a trip to Los Angeles last year. Moir spent six weeks there to help homeless people on “skid row,” which is one of the largest homeless populations in the country.

“I just enjoy helping anyone I can,” Moir said. “I also volunteer at my local church here in Lexington, and serve food for Lighthouse ministries at their shelter as well.”

These activities were recognized by the NCAA, as she was named to the SEC Golf Community Service Team.

This UK team is off to a fast start this fall. A third-place finish at the Texas A & M “Mo”Morial was followed up with a huge win at the local Bettie Lou Evans Fall Invitational.

“This team is starting to believe in what they can accomplish,” Borst said. “We would like to be in the top 30 all year long.”