Letter to the editor: Political partianship must end; compromise needed

Dear Editor,

We are all sick of the partisanship in Washington. I have heard many congressmen and women complain that the country is in trouble because the other side won’t go along with their plans. We saw it with the health care bill, the budget and, morerecently, with the debt ceiling debate.

The people of the U.S. see political leaders debate and insult each other over issues that are vital to the people. When did it become acceptable to encourage political leaders to take a hard line and not budge an inch on important issues? When did the unwillingness to compromise become an important virtue that people look for when voting?

This country is called a “melting pot” for a reason. We have had all walks of life mingle together for more than 200 years. Somehow they managed to keep the country going strong well before the current political generation. Politicians that think that they can go to Congress and simply say “no” or refuse to work with the other party need to know that they are deluded. The American people need to stand up and say with a strong voice that we need compromise. We need political togetherness. Politicians need to realize that just because something is good for one part of the country does not make it right for the whole country.

We see examples of this on both sides. Republicans say that raising taxes on the rich is “class warfare” and “unfair,” and Democrats in response say that Republicans “protect the rich” and “take Wall Street over Main Street.”

Neither side addresses the real issue. Why is one group of people paying more or less taxes than the other? Why will no one stand up and say if you want to raise taxes on the rich then raise taxes on the poor, too? Why will no one stand back and realize that instead of bickering over who should pay more taxes and who shouldn’t, it would be easier and far fairer for everyone to pay the same amount?

This is not the only issue where compromise will solve the problem. Republicans are for spending cuts and tax reductions, and Democrats generally believe that we should raise taxes and increase the size of government. Both parties need to realize that they cannot ask for something and expect the other side to agree wholeheartedly. Why will Republicans not come together and say we will agree to tax increases if Democrats agree to cut government spending by the same amount? Both sides get what they want: spending cuts and tax increases. This would only shrink the time it would take to pay off the deficit, both sides get what they want and the whole country is better off as a result.

This current political climate of intense partisanship needs to come to an end. America is being split down the middle and becoming more and more divided. Instead of looking for someone who seems to be unyielding in their political views, look for someone who is flexible and can see from all angles. The American people need to come together and realize that we are not just Republicans and Democrats; we are Americans, and as Americans we need to work together.

Jim Blackerby