Pardon the Interlude: Setting the tone



By Alex Sardam

The one thing that makes a TV series, beyond the unconventional characters and pivotal plot, is the music that seals off the overall mood that’s being cast out to the viewers.

FX’s latest series, “American Horror Story,” features music that is creepily perfect, proving just how much music can create a lasting impression on any story.

All the songs featured, even as early as the opening credits, have a feeling of emptiness that is vintage and jaded but with a twist of badass. The songs run parallel with the characters, scenes and the haunted home in the show.

“Flicker” by Son Lux is beautifully paired.

The song has a classical twist of an orchestral sound and steady piano melody. A deep bass and distorted vocal track contrasts intriguingly with the violent frenzy of strings and faded opera ballad in the distance.

This song is so uniquely composed, fitting in amazingly with the mood of the show.

The songs are used as a storytelling device, making the show not only scary, but extremely smart.

Artist Carina Round’s songs, “Do You” and “For Everything a Reason” couldn’t appear in better places throughout the season. The mood and lyrics of the songs contribute to specific monumental moments in the show visually and contextually.

The show’s credit’s song, “Baby, You Ain’t Looking Right” by Powersolo caps everything off.

It’s a song whose beat gets you clapping and stomping much like a Jet song, only this song has more of a dirty, edgier vibe than “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” making it even more evident how awesome this show is.

Overall the show is entrancing. The song selection for the show is absolutely phenomenal. If creepy shows aren’t necessarily your thing, at least check it out for the music.

You’ll be an instant fan, guaranteed.