Pardon the Interlude: Low attendance can’t stop Avett Brothers



By Alexandria Sardam

[email protected]

It couldn’t have been a bigger relief when the Avett Brothers took the stage at Rupp Arena last Thursday.

Sure, I was super pumped to finally get to see the amazingly progressive band that’s too unique to call pop and too modern to call bluegrass. However, the real relief of seeing the standing bass and banjo appear on stage resonated with the fact that Jessica Lea Mayfield, the opening act, was long gone. And even though I’m partial to rather melancholy tunes, I did not find her strung-out voice appropriate as an opening act for such a high strung, feet-stomping band.

But being the glass half-full kind of girl that I am, I just heavily sipped on my overpriced alcoholic beverage in hopes that the whiskey would slowly numb my musical standards.

Luckily for my liver, and my sanity, the boys graciously took the stage and kicked off the show with plenty of boot stepping and banjo plucking. Their sound exploded across the disappointingly empty arena, livening up the mood with their shouted harmonies and catchy lyrics.

Soon after, the stage went black and the band vanished until the loud click of a spotlight echoed throughout the fading chants that yearned for more. Then the simple light shone on the stage, illuminating pieces of dust dancing in the air, which was soon accompanied by the presence of both Seth and Scott Avett.

The brother’s duet featured the ever popular and equally enjoyable song, “When I Drink.”

Seth’s no-fuss voice easily ventured its way into the opening lyrics of the song, welcoming Scott to join him on the guitar. With complimenting strums on guitars, and the occasional comical blurb of harmony from Seth, it was clear that these boys have hearts that could fill any voice in any semi-empty arena.