ESPN talks to Cousins, Bledsoe, Knight about one-and-dones

ESPN The Magazine had a nice feature in which it talked to NBA players who were one-and-dones in college about the rule, their college experience and adjustments to pro basketball.

With UK being considered the capital of one-and-dones in recent years, it was only natural a few UK players appeared in the piece. DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight were all interviewed for the story (John Wall and Daniel Orton declined to be interviewed).

An excerpt from each (full story can be read here, which also includes more of Calipari’s former players):


In a way, it’s good because a kid needs that college experience — to go through those changes and being closer to being an adult and learn that responsibility at the college level. At the same time, I don’t believe the rule should be put in place because it’s predicting somebody else’s life — you should be able to make your own path because you never know what that person’s situation may be at home or with their family.


I did think I was going to come back. I really did. I thought I’d be there about three years. I wasn’t even known before I got to college, and people were still saying that he’s just playing behind John Wall, so in the back of your head, you’re like, they might be right.


“The biggest pressure not to go came from the Kentucky fans. They want their players to stay and try to build a dynasty.

Again, I would suggest going to read the full article. It’s pretty insightful as to how these players view the rule, and there’s a variety of perspectives represented.