Kernel editoral: Extended dining hours benefit all

UK Dining services announced last week that it will extend the hours of Commons, Commons’s Starbucks, Ovid’s Cafe and Ovid’s Starbucks until midnight Monday through Thursday, beginning Tuesday.

Although Ovid’s will shut down its fiesta bar at 10 p.m., the rest of its bars will remain open.

Commons will not accept meal swipes after 9 p.m., but students can purchase an all-you-can-eat option for $5.50.

This change is beneficial for both UK and its students.

No longer will students be denied their late-night cravings at 11:30 p.m. No longer will the line for coffee at the Ovid’s Starbucks extend into the eatery around 11 p.m. No longer will caffeine-deprived minds shut down before midnight when urgent studying is imperative for the next day’s test.

The university will receive several benefits from this change as well. UK Dining Services will gain additional revenue. Student and faculty workers will also receive the opportunity to take on more hours.

Big or small, it is good to see changes occuring on campus that have a direct impact on students.

The recent proposals of new dorms and new dining hours are great news for students, and it seems that President Capilouto and his staff are making the undergraduate experience a top priority in his first year.