Kernel’s new website provides readers with what they want

November has been a time of change at the Kernel. On Friday, we introduced our new weekend paper — Weekend Timeout. This Friday, we are introducing our new website.

The new site will be an updated version of our current site, but will will give us the opportunity to produce more of the content our readers want.

The design will be more user-friendly, and its updated look is more pleasing to the eye.

Our homepage at will have multiple stories instead of just one, and each of our sections — news, sports, opinions and features — will have its own page. This will allow us to highlight the most relevant content on each page, in a way that is easier to navigate.

The updated site will also allow us to showcase our best photographs and multimedia pieces.

The sidebar of the new site has more options, so we can continue to provide you with services like a campus calendar, but we will be able to provide more content to you in this sidebar as well.

And while we are updating our new site, the purpose of remains the same. We want to provide you with the most up-to-date campus news.

The site will help us do our job better, so you can remain informed about UK.

If you have questions or suggestions for the new site, please email me at [email protected]