UK charges student’s fees beyond graduation day

By Michael Frick

I am a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky. I received my master’s degree in August 2011 after receiving my bachelor’s degree in May 2010. This past week, I was honored to receive my diploma in the mail. There was, however, one thing missing this year that was not last August: a free copy of my official transcript.

Many graduates may never need one, or even want one, but the fact is that in the past UK has provided its students with this along with their coveted diploma. And some, like myself, may have wanted to see the final result of all our hard work for each class, besides the obvious diploma.

Instead, UK provided me with a certificate for a free transcript, but I will have to pay the processing fee and mailing costs, if any apply.

It is sad to say that I can believe that UK would succumb to this pitiful level to save what would honestly amount to less than a buck per student, but I can believe it. UK has found a way to get money out of students even after they have finished school. Congratulations.