New student interest program not of interest to all students

The Wildcat Interest Group, Student Government’s newest service, is sending two representatives from Student Government to meet with state representatives to work to secure positions for UK students to intern in Washington, D.C., during the summer.

This group is commended for attempting to provide students with better opportunities, but this internship program seems a tad confusing, and sending students to Washington, D.C., is a costly endeavor.

How in demand was the need for summer internships on Capitol Hill? An internship of this sort seems to suit a particular individual, most likely one that is active in Student Government.

Are the vast amount of students going to take advantage of it? Before a UK-affiliated program sends students to D.C., it should be acknowledged who exactly benefits from the program. Let’s hope this costly journey to Washington, D.C., for a select few members of Student Government isn’t working to secure internships for select members of Student Government to fill.

Couldn’t Student Government just write a letter to our local congressman?