Common Thread: Holiday gifts for less than $50



By Shelisa Melendez

As finals week quickly approaches and students prepare for winter break, the malls and World Wide Web are staying busy with customers ready to buy.

Although there is still time to make your Christmas purchases, there are many holiday parties and Secret Santa exchanges to be had — so why not give your best for less?

Buying gifts doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Shop for trendy pieces below, all under $50!

  • Pink crocheted headphones w/bow (as seen in Glamour Magazine’s Holiday Issue) — These headphones are beyond amazing! For just $40 you can listen to your favorite tunes and keep your ears warm.
  • Touch screen friendly running gloves — running outside in the winter can mean cold hands, and most gloves can leave you unable to use your phone or iPod. This convenient pair can be found at for $30.
  • Jessica Simpson Collection “Emma” mini bag wristlet — Stay on trend for fall/winter with this leopard print wristlet; perfect for any outfit. Visit for this $35 bag.
  • Diane Von Furstenberg USB — The fashionista herself has dipped into technology. For 2GB of storage complete with vintage prints and key ring visit, $38
  • Bejeweled eyelash curler — Sequins and sparkle are here this season, so why not bejewel your beauty accessories. Purchase you bejeweled eyelash curler for $18 at
  • iPad Case — This vintage print case will be sure to please the trendy and understated. Find at for $49.50
  • H&M Sweater — If one thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with a classic sweater with elbow patches. $29.95,
  • Wine Monkey — Decorate your holiday bottles with the sock monkey designed especially for your beverage. $10,
  • USB car charger — Whether you’re party hopping, or simply always on the go, you won’t have a problem charging your electronics with this convenient and inexpensive item. $10,
  • Canvas bag — This casual bag can be used to carry anything from a laptop computer to schoolbooks. $26.90,