Pardon the Interlude: Neil Young reuniting with Crazy Horse

By Alexandria Sardam

Neil Young might be reuniting with Crazy Horse for another go at perfection.

“Live Rust,” an album that featured both Young and the band was the soundtrack to family road trips.

The distant echo of “Cortez the Killer” ran parallel with memories of passing hills and the fading white stripes of the road behind.

Young, a born and raised Canuck, first ventured into the music scene as a solo artist. He then began exploring the folk and grunge scene simultaneously.

Young was a co-founder of the band Buffalo Springfield, then later joined forces with Crosby, Stills and Nash as the fourth member.

Young bounced in and out of solo work and performing with bands like Crazy Horse. They recorded countless performances including “Live at the Fillmore East” and “Rust Never Sleeps.”

The music created with Crazy Horse captured the yin and yang of Young. His tenderness was still there in the heavy, distorted jams.

“Broken Arrow” was the last album Crazy Horse and Young released. Aside from “Toast,” an LP that was set aside by Young, it’s been over 10 years since Young and Crazy Horse have created any new music together.

That is until now.

Over the weekend, the Slamdance Festival’s Morning Coffee Master Class featured Neil Young and Jonathan Demme promoting their new film, “Journeys.”

Thanks to Young’s fan site,, it was revealed that Young and Crazy Horse are recording again, recently confirmed by Rolling Stone: “It’s looking good,” a representative for Young said.

According to the website, one album is complete and they are working on another.

“No new news as yet,” said Ralph Molina, Crazy Horse drummer. “You’ll probably know before we do! Heading back up to the Ranch, more recording.”

When asked in 2008 by Rolling Stone if he’d be interested in touring again with Crazy Horse, Neil replied with a simple, one worded answer of, “maybe.”

And maybe that “maybe” will turn into a yes.

Perhaps those memories of me fighting the grip of my seatbelt to trace the lyrics of “Live Rust” on the fogged window of my parent’s car will turn into a new album, new lyrics and the opportunity for new memories.