Hot dog restaurant opens near campus



By Steven King

Lexington offers a varied cuisine. From Indian to Thai, people have many options when it comes to finding a place to eat.

However, hot dog restaurants are few and far between.

W.C. Wieners, an authentic Chicago-style hot dog restaurant, opened New Year’s Eve to statisfy the cravings of hot dog lovers in Lexington.

Located on the corner of Maxwell and South Limestone, W.C. Wieners is ready to bring the taste of Chicago to Lexington.

“We figured we can’t be the only ones in search of a good dog every now and then,” Lucy Ochoa, the restaurant’s hot dog prep said. “We offer a quality dog.”

Every aspect of these hot dogs is true to Chicago. Just like in the Windy City, which is what W.C. stands for, all hotdogs are made with 100% authentic Vienna Beef, Ochoa said.

They are served on a warm poppy seed bun with a side of sport peppers. From now until the end of January, a classic hot dog, topped with mustard, onions, relish and sport peppers, is offered at $1.79, as opposed to the usual price of $2.49.

With the authentic Vienna beef and fresh vegetables chopped daily, W.C. Wieners has already gained a positive reputation among some UK students.

Jenny Zimmerman, a freshman kinesiology major, enjoyed a Perro Fresco hotdog, which is topped with pico de gallo and ranch dressing.

“It’s obvious that their hotdogs taste better than most,” Zimmerman said. “It just has more flavor.”

W.C. Wieners also offers Polish sausages. Megan Kurzendoerfer, a senior integrated strategic communications student, said she was pleasantly surprised with the taste.

“It was the best hot dog I’ve tasted,” Kurzendoerfer said. “I’m definitely going to go there again.”