K2 welcomes returning, incoming students

By Jarrod Thacker

In an attempt to soften the drudgery that is the beginning of the spring semester, various UK organizations are banding together to create a more interesting experience for students.

K2, or K Week 2, is a collection of social and academic activities offered in January for returning and incoming students. It is compiled by the Office of New Student and Parent Programs.

“We would hear from students that there is nothing to do in January, so the semester just started with a thud,” said Nancy Stephens, assistant director of New Student and Parent Programs. “Over the last four or so years we’ve been looking a little more closely at how we start the spring semester.”

The K2 Kickoff, a student orientation program that took place last Tuesday, was one of the only activities geared predominantly toward incoming UK students, said Michelle Ashcraft, assistant director of New Student and Parent Programs.

All students, regardless of class rank, are eligible to attend the remaining events.

“One of the myths that we try to dispel, is that K2 is only for new students,” Stephens said. “We want to welcome back everyone that was here in the fall.”

Different student and school organizations, such as the Christian Student Fellowship and the Cats Den, host these activities throughout the month.

All during the first week of this semester, the Cats Den conducted a “free play,” where students could use their services without charge.

“It’s to kind of give students the opportunity to utilize the Cats Den, and be a little more excited to be back,” said Stephanie Martin, assistant director for activities and marketing.

UK freshman Andrew Hale played video games with his friends during the free play.

“I think this is really cool,” Hale said. “I just haven’t been to very much right now with classes getting started. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m trying to do in college right now.”

The hectic nature of the spring semester; inclement weather, shorter amount of time for planning and starting in the middle of the week has caused the K2 program to extend its duration from one week to one month in recent years, Ashcraft said. This gives organizations more flexibility and students more time to become acclimated to coming back from winter break.