Mockery of accents lacks ‘comedic value’

I am writing in response and in protest to the “funny” cartoon about Eastern Kentucky accents.

To some, it may come off as hilarious, but I, along with many others, find it very offensive.

I am a freshman at UK, who comes from Eastern Kentucky. Yes, I may have a “country” accent, but I am proud of it.

It makes me who I am.

Another thing, in the cartoon Eastern Kentuckians come across as uneducated: “I can tell by your ‘I’s’ you are from the country!”

“How can you tell I’m from Eastern Kentucky by just looking at my ‘eyes’?”

I am an Eastern Kentuckian from Floyd County who not only was a straight A student throughout school, but I was also on the volleyball team, track team, captain of the dance team and worked a part-time job.

I graduated as salutatorian of my class and received a full-paid Robinson Scholarship (just throwing that out there), which  shows that I — and other Eastern Kentuckians — are intelligent, classy and friendly.

We have that special Southern hospitality and our accents just help in making us “southerners” that much more adorable.

Having an astounding sense of humor, I also would like to recognize how unfunny this cartoon was and how it lacked comedic value.

Thanks, and Y’ALL have a wonderful day!