Comparing France, US college experience

By Megan Bowles

France, a place known for the Eiffel Tower, Paris, upscale cuisine and famous designers is a country which most of us dream of going to.

For Constance Guerard, it is home.

Guerard is a 19-year-old freshman at UK and the University of Caen in France.

At her university in France, she will finish up her education and specialize in emergency medicine giving her nine more years of schooling.

When comparing college in the U.S. and France, Guerard said there were many differences.

Her favorite thing about being at school in the U.S. is having a campus life.

At the University of Caen many students live off-campus so it doesn’t have the social activities that U.S. schools provide. There are no places like Blazer or Commons, and there aren’t even hangout spots like Starbucks.

Class size is something we all think about. Some of us are used to having class with 400 other students, but Guerard said her classes in France are much larger.

At her university in France there are no small classes of 25 or 30. All of her classes are 900 or more people.

“In college, in the U.S., you get to choose your major, your classes, even the hour of the different classes, whereas in France, you just choose your major, then you have to follow a schedule with classes already chosen for you, which in turn makes larger class sizes,” Guerard said.

According to you can go to university in France for €165 to €700, which is roughly equivalent to $220 to $930.

The cost of university was the biggest difference to Guerard when comparing the U.S. and France.

Guerard said, “College in France is cheaper than in the U.S. and scholarships are given to a lot more students for tuition and books.”