Obamacare debate serves to present both sides

By Shelisa Melendez

The argument about health care in the U.S. has been debated for years, and the debate will show its face on campus.

As election campaigns come into full swing and politicians take their stands on public issues, political information may seem overwhelming for local residents and students alike.

The Student Activities Board and Student Government Association have come together to provide students with an informed debate about President Obama’s health care reform bill.

The title of the debate, as well as the popular (or unpopular) nickname of the bill, is “Obamacare,” with the subtitle, “You May Love It, You May Hate It, But Do You Know Why?”

One of the many concerns with the bill is providing the government with too much control over an individual’s personal health care decisions.

During the one-hour debate, which will be conducted by professors Stephen Voss and Davida Isaacs from the political science department, many different aspects of the bill will be discussed.

“We put together questions to start conversations to speak about key points of the bill … there will be a Q-and-A at the end of the session,” said Sydney Dobson, associate director of engaging issues for SAB.

Although each professor will represent facts that either support or oppose the bill, they are not reflections of their personal political views.

“We’ve been assigned positions and are playing advocates,” Voss said. “This is not an expression of private or personal beliefs.”

During the debate Voss will represent the supporting view of the bill and said that it is important for students to be informed about this bill.

“They’re (students) young and tend to be healthy, they are most likely to pass up the option to buy health care,” Voss said. “They need to understand that the government is putting a requirement on them that they might not like, and it’s controversial whether the government has the right to do that.”

Sarah Jones, SAB’s director of engaging issues, said students should attend the debate so they can make an informed judgment about where they stand.

The debate will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Worsham Theater. SG voter registration will be available for students outside the theater after the event.