New ‘Resident Evil’ has new story



By Kayla Pickrell

This is an exciting year for “Resident Evil” fans.

“Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,” will be released in March, is one out of the three games released for “Resident Evil.”

“Operation Raccoon City” is strictly for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, whereas “Revelations” will be released for Nintendo 3DS and “Resident Evil 6” will be out later this year.

“Operation Raccoon City” is a third-party team game based on shooting experience.

Instead of continuing with a story, the game starts in the middle of “Resident Evil” 2 and 3.

“In theory the game should work, expanding a franchise outside of the box it is known to rest comfortably in, giving fans an opportunity to revisit classic moments from the past,” Richard George, an editor from, said.

The T-virus has shown its effects (from “Resident Evil 2”), and now your team has to get rid of the deadly G-virus (like the creators couldn’t come up with a better name).

You are placed into the Umbrella Security Service (USS) and the task is to make sure no one finds out about how the T-virus was leaked into the city.

You are a mercenary killing off those who learn the secret of the G (and T) -virus.

By being in a third party, you are disconnected from the original context and brought into an indirect way to tackle the virus.

Instead of making the story repetitive, it increases the plot by adding X-ray vision to mercenaries and giving the game a more open play, rather than strict guidelines.

You are able to change the gameplay by changing characters. You can play someone from the USS, but also be a lone policeman that got left behind with the virus.

No matter what the difference is, if you are a ‘Resident Evil’ buff, it is something you have to at least try.

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