UK’s ONE campaign aims to better humanity, sponsors cellphone drive



The ONE campaign has joined the campus network, and now we are looking to reach UK students and let them know about the cause we are fighting for.

What is the ONE campaign? It is a student organization that’s combating disease, famine and poverty in places where these issues prevent human life from flourishing.

Through local advocacy we can raise awareness and educate the public so they can share their voices with our congressional representatives who will ultimately decide future public policies.

For example, AIDS is problematic across the world; however, it is at its worst on the African continent. Currently, infection outpaces treatment by a two to one ratio, but through the collaboration of African governments, organizations, private sectors and the support of the world, the beginning of the end of AIDS is tangible.

The ONE campaign aims to end this pandemic by 2015 by ending mother-child transmission of HIV, providing treatment to the 15 million people who need it and reducing new infections.

The most effective method in combating famine and poverty is through agricultural progress. Through stability and improvement of farming technique, people can gain agricultural independence to feed their families and local community. These are the issues we as ONE members recognize.

The way to accomplish these ambitious goals is through ONE challenges. The upcoming challenge is called, “Saving Lives’ Through SMS.”

In countries where landlines are not established, cellphones are used in the health and medical sector so clinicians and patients can communicate to resolve medical emergencies in a safe and timely manner.

The UK ONE campaign will be holding a campus-wide used cellphone drive to assist health care workers and reach the goal of 35,000 cellphones!

ONE campaign, many voices, 35,000 cellphones.

Join us and fight for humanity by liking the UK ONE campaign Facebook page and by coming out to one of our events or meetings. For further information contact Sarah Van Royen at [email protected]