‘SNL’ star Meyers performing Monday

By Jarrod Thacker

The UK Student Activities Board is bringing a little piece of Saturday night to life on Monday, featuring a stand-up performance by renowned comedian Seth Meyers at 8 p.m. at the Singletary Center.

Meyers is known for his contributions on the long-standing program “Saturday Night Live” where he has been head writer for the past five seasons.

He has also been an actor in various skits, impersonating public figures such as Sen. John Kerry during the 2004 U.S Presidential Election, according to his biography on the NBC website.

He is perhaps more recognized for his role on the satirical news broadcast sketch, “Weekend Update,” which is one of the longest continuously active fixtures of the program. Meyers takes on the persona of a news anchor who weaves jagged quips into stories of current events.

“He’s a talented comedian and we at SAB knew it would be a quality event for students to enjoy,” Sarah Ausmus, SAB’s vice president of promotions, said in an email to the Kernel. “Seth is always entertaining on ‘SNL,’ especially the ‘Weekend Update’ segments.”

A survey distributed by the group last semester indicated students would be excited  about Meyers, Ausmus said.

Derek Operle, SAB’s director of popular culture, said that Meyers’ relevancy played a major factor in bringing him to UK’s campus.

“I think he’s much more relevant to college students (than other comedians),” Operle said when explaining Meyers’ use of topical humor.

Chemistry sophomore Roberto Tapia, who will be attending the event, reiterated the sentiment about the comedian’s use of current events through his work on SNL.

“The writing turns complex and current social issues into hilarious sketches, because sometimes, we just have to laugh about it,” Tapia said.

Those interested in attending may want to secure tickets sooner rather than later.

According to the ticketing website found through the UK Singletary Center website, comparatively few seats are remaining. Operle says that the event broke 1,200 tickets sold as of Friday morning.

Full-time students can pick up tickets at a reduced price of $10 with a valid student ID at the Singletary Center ticket booth.

Ausmus encouraged all students interested to attend.

“He’s a comedian that our generation can relate to, and we hope that everyone enjoys the show.”