Pardon the Interlude: The little things in music



By Alexandria Sardam

I love the little things.

I find joy in the way the warm and scratchy brick wall outside the Grehan building feels beneath my curious fingertips as I stroll past on my way to class.

I appreciate how the sun setting on these warm March days fills my soul with an unmatched anticipation for an evening of unknown adventures but a likeable reassurance in the guidance of an accompanied, courteous and gentle breeze.

I especially love how the familiar melody of a dated chorus tenderly wraps me up in a nostalgic blanket of harmony and innocence, rescuing me from the mundane and monotonous moment I’m helplessly drowned in.

The pleasures I find in life are my moments of happiness, no matter size, simplicity or tangibility.

There’s nothing half-assed about my feelings of love and what I cherish.

It’s an honest and immeasurable emotion that I would never stifle because closing off one’s love for something is about as absurd as passing on seconds for a delicious piece of chocolate cake.

Music creates this vast and gracious complex that accommodates room for creation and appreciation. It’s in music that the most minute things can flourish to life on such a lively scale.

The simplicity of James Taylor’s acoustic guitar in “Fire in Rain” has such a lucid riff.

With a capo on the third fret, this song is transformed into one of the most beautiful songs of his collection.

The guitar paired with his gentle voice echoes, creating an overwhelming sense of docile frankness. The way Taylor’s songs project are craftily done in the most sensitive way.

And then there’s Bob Marley. The way his voice effortlessly grooves over the rhythm of his steady reggae beat is outlandishly original and carefree.

His music radiates this laid back romantic vibe that’s addictive in the best way.

Perhaps it’s the Rastafarian movement his music represents, but they way his songs resonate are inspiring and personally motivating.

The beauty of these musicians and their work go beyond the sounds created by their instruments or voices. It’s all in what their music represents and what it ignites inside one’s soul.

Music can create beautiful sounds, but it’s what we take from these precious melodies that makes it more than just lovely sounds and more of inspiring art.