Student organization shows ‘KONY 2012’ documentary

By Emery Mason Campbell

Students Taking Action Globally hosted the documentary “KONY 2012” by Invisible Children Wednesday night at Memorial Hall.

This latest documentary by the nonprofit organization Invisible Children illustrates the continuous war in Uganda.

The video brings to light war criminal Joseph Kony who has abducted more than 30,000 children over the past 26 years, forcing them to be either sex slaves or child soldiers.

“The global leaders need to be active and more involved in stopping the genocide that Joseph Kony has created,” said Jimin Lee, Students Taking Action Globally’s  director.

“KONY 2012” was directed by Jason Russell and tells about his relationship with a longtime Ugandan friend, Jacob, and the promise he made to Jacob nine years ago. Russell promised he would do everything he could to stop Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army.

Since many people do not know who Kony is, the idea behind the documentary was to showcase Kony’s name everywhere with posters, stickers, bracelets and more, according to the film.

By posting “KONY 2012” signs everywhere throughout the world, there would be a buzz going around, and people would start asking who Kony is.

The video went viral, with more than 26 million views on YouTube by Wednesday morning.

“Politicians cannot ignore the people, especially if there are thousands calling and demanding that something be done,” Tye Bridges, a sophomore and one of the event coordinators, said.

President Barack Obama issued 100 military advisers to aid and advise the Ugandan army in capturing Kony.

Kinesiology sophomore John Snyder, along with co-creator of the twitter account @KonyKy, called “KONY 2012,” “inspirational and moving.”

Invisible Children plans on getting 20 culture makers and 12 policy makers involved to help make Kony’s name a household one.

Some of the culture and policy makers include Oprah, Justin Bieber, John Kerry, George Clooney and many more.

Also students can get an “Action Kit” by donating monthly whatever they can afford to help spread the KONY 2012 message.

These kits include two bracelets each with a special number, a “KONY 2012” T-shirt, poster and stickers.

The kits will help students prepare for April 20, when across the country in major cities Invisible Children will cover cities with posters and stickers displaying “KONY 2012.” Lexington and Louisville will participate.

Invisible Children released the video “KONY 2012” on Monday hoping to get half a million views by May, said Brooke Davies, a kinesiology junior and one of the event coordinators. In just 48 hours, the documentary had more than 18 million views.

The Invisible Children chapter at UK is restarting after a year’s hiatus due to lack of interest. Bridges, Davies and Dani Kaye will have an Invisible Children meeting March 20 at 5:30 p.m. in Student Center room 106.