UK Wellness Ambassadors host spring break safety events

By Holly Bruckmen

UK Wellness Ambassadors will communicate with their peers this week about how to make safe choices during spring break, but still have a good time.

“Wellness Gone Wild” is a combination of three events geared toward educating students about spring break safety. The events include informative power points, raffles and trivia games.

Giveaways, such as T-shirts, sunscreen and gift cards to Lexington businesses, will be offered. A $100 dollar gift card for a spa treatment will be raffled.

There will also be a skin screenings expert present.

The Student Wellness Ambassadors hosted “Wellness Gone Wild” last year, but hope to reach a wider audience this time around, with more events and more excitement, said Student Wellness Ambassador Kendriana Price.

“Last year was just a guinea pig year,” she said.

The organization has hosted “Chillax,” an event before finals week to give students a study break and provide advice about stress management.

The ambassadors will also team up with other organizations during the year such as University Health Service and Sexperts, and they are involved in the Lexington community.

“Wellness Gone Wild” is meant to be a relaxed series of events where people can feel comfortable talking about their experiences and how to make wise decisions.

Vice President Matt Soergel said the organization is not out to demean drinkers, but to instead raise awareness of personal safety, drugs and alcohol.

“We know what the party scene is like,” he said.

Soergel and Price said their goal is to help people understand that they can have fun and still control themselves.

Information tables will be located in the Student Center on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A spring break send off will take place in the Johnson Center on Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information, visit the “Wellness Gone Wild” Facebook page.