Officers patrol South Campus after UK advances to the Final Four

By Jill Novak

Walking on South Campus, all was quiet as UK students held their breath in the game against Baylor.

The UK Police Department remained on standby outside both Kirwan and Blanding dorms, ready for any potential riots once the game ended.

Students at Commons didn’t budge from their tables as they cheered on the Cats’ 82-70 win.

“You could feel the tension while everyone was watching, but I wasn’t nervous at all,” Sydney Smoot, a psychology freshman, said.

Once the final buzzer sounded it wasn’t long before students emerged from their dorms ready to celebrate.

 Shouting “C-A-T-S,” a sea of blue flooded South Campus as students met up with their friends.

“It’s like bears coming out of hibernation with all of the people”, said Larissa Caton, an international studies freshman.

Surprised by the amount of UKPD officers patrolling, students kept the celebrating to a minimum while deciding to play football and hangout enjoying the weather instead.

“Just give a week and you’ll see some couches burning over here,” Daniel Buckles, an undecided freshman, said.

Among the chants were a few “C-A-R-D-S”, as students represented Louisville as they enter the Final Four.

 “We need to keep our heads in the game for Louisville,” Smoot said.