Gaming Column: ‘WoW’ releases expansion



By Kayla Pickrell

One of my all-time favorite games, “World of Warcraft,” is releasing its new expansion soon, “Mists of Pandaria.”

As of March 21, I have been able to try out the beta version as a “test dummy” of sorts.

The main reasoning behind the expansion is to provide a smaller expansion to keep players busy.

Let’s face it, once you’ve been everywhere in the story of Azeroth, you want somewhere new to play.

In comes Pandaria, a land mainly Asian-inspired, with five zones added into the game.

The best part is you get to play a panda. Its formal name: Pandaren.

Each Pandaren is a monk.

Blizzard said that the introduction of the monk Pandarens shows the way monks were originally. They said the Pandarens are a way to look at how monks have evolved into the other races.

Pandarens are allowed new characteristics, similar to each race in “World of Warcraft.”

My personal favorite is “bouncy.” You take 50 percent less falling damage.

Another one of my personal favorites is “inner peace,” meaning your rested experience lasts twice as long.

Other characteristics include “epicurean,” “gourmand” and “quaking palm.”

“Quaking palm” allows you to put an enemy to sleep for three seconds by touching its pressure point.

There are new talent systems and specializations for the new expansion as well.

One of the biggest changes is that players will no longer be spending their talent points every couple of levels. Instead talents will be granted every 15 levels that are specific to the player’s class.

The most amusing part of the new expansion is the pet battle system. You can take any non-combat pet and level it so you can battle other pets.

But I don’t exactly know how that will work out, as I’m not allowed to test it out on the beta version yet.

There will also be major changes within four classes: hunters, druids, shaman and warlocks.

The overall goal of the expansion is to get players back into the game.

Most players have become accustomed to the land and the characters within the game, and it is time for a new look.

Some of the players will hate the new game because they hate change in itself. However, I am guaranteeing that most of the players will be highly impressed with the new changes and look.