Ag Bash, with its ‘laid back’ atmosphere, growing each year

By George Harkness

Two hundred UK students went home Thursday with a full stomachs and free T-shirts after attending the sixth annual Ag Bash.

Students ate $1 burritos catered by Chipotle, as well as food from Little Ceasers, while listening to live music by UK student Hannah Ellis from 5 to 7 p.m.

“This year was a great year for the Ag Bash. I’m glad to see everyone coming out to have some fun and to relieve some of the stress that end of the semester can bring,” said Cody Jenkins, Ag Student Council president.

Country singer Hannah Ellis performed, while students played cornhole.

Lisa Slone Cox, Ag Student Council adviser, said this was the first time organizers have ever donated items to the Ronald McDonald House. Students could donate any household item to the charity.

“Every year, the attendance of the Ag Bash grows a little more, including this year,” she said.

She said she is glad the event moved to the spring from the fall, “because it seems to have a better turnout in the spring.”

Cox said the event was “laid back,” as students came and went.

UK alumnus Tim Lyman was there as well with his T-shirt and said “$2 got me a free shirt and three burritos, and a game of cornhole. It’s hard to beat that.”

As the bash ended, Jenkins remained undefeated in playing cornhole.

“(Hannah Ellis) was great, I like the color of the T-Shirts and you could not ask for a better day to have an Ag bash,” UK student Zack Barnard said.