Pardon the Interlude: Out with summer concerts, in with sounds of fall



By Alexandria Sardam

[email protected]

Is it seriously August? Yep. It’s late August to be exact, and you know what that means. It’s that time again, when kids with fresh faces and even fresher kicks swarm campus with pencil pouches and matching North Face backpacks as the rest of us cynical, summer-loving fools bid adieu to the seemingly endless shenanigans of summer.

“Why so sad?” you might ask. The way the sweltering heat of the summer solstice stood no fighting chance against an igloo cooler, armed with an abundance of ice-cold ammunition, is long gone — that’s why! And no more summer festivals.

That array of concert wristbands so many have proudly collected these past glorious months have fallen limp, pitifully lacking the luster they once generated as they admitted you into countless days of intense musical lineups.

Music accompanies moods, days, moments, memories, feelings and even times of the day. However, there’s one dynamic duo that towers above the rest — music and summer just work unlike any other tired combination.

The relationship that music and summer have with one another doesn’t just go together: They intertwine harmoniously. The feelings and the sounds fit together like the way a perfectly worn-in baseball hat molds against the roundness of your head. Music can accent prevalent emotions or wash away the mundane ones. It has the power to transcend, transforming feelings into whatever you want to feel. But the way music hits you in the summertime is so unique to the way music affects your life in any other season.

Unfortunately, that season has passed.

So now what? I can’t pause time. I can’t time travel. I don’t have a DeLorean. I guess with growing up comes the acknowledgment and acceptance of the inevitable: change. Even though no one can dispute that all things summertime rock, these upcoming months of harvest represent something that I can get behind: “Out with the old and in with the new.”

And trust me, there are nuggets of musical awesomeness waiting for you, just around the corner from fall tour announcements to highly anticipated record releases. So as we embark on this school year and season of fall, I challenge all of you not to dwell on the days full of blissful heat and fresh summer sounds, for they have passed. Instead, let’s keep an open mind of what’s to accompany our musical appetites. We don’t have to say goodbye forever, just maybe make room for something new. Plus, I’ve heard the Sam Adams Octoberfest isn’t too shabby either.